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Our Journey

We Deepak Industries, have seen many ups and down and came a long way. Check out the timeline:
Deepak industries
  • 1978

    A small home run henna stone mill was started by Mr. Shah Mishrimal Banthiya and his son Mr Parasmal Banthiya. There were only 5-6 henna processors at thattime in Sojat, thus making us one of the oldest.

  • 1982

    Through hard work and sheer will they scaled up the business from a home mill to a commercial factory with production capacity of 200Kg/day. A fair-enough quantity at that time.

  • 1987

    Mr Parasmal Banthiya’s prodigy Mr. Indra Raj Banthiya Joins the business and Handles marketing. His smart moves scale up the sales even high. We start to work for one of the biggest henna distributers of India.

  • 1992

    Huge demands requires big production facillties, therefore, we shift to RIICO Industrial area of Sojat Town with Impact Pulverisers and automatic Sievers

  • 1998

    Mr Deepak Kumar Banthiya, second son of Mr. Parasmal Joins the procurement and production department of the company. Found better procurement methods and innovation in production line

  • 2005

    With high end research and development, we start to create Henna base hair colours, along with henna and herbs

  • 2017

    A young sciencophile Pakshal Jain Join the business by Heading R&D and Export Department

  • 2017- 2020

    Deepak Industries get ISO 9001 certified and becomes a USDA Organic Certified Processor.

  • 2021

    A new state of the art production plant gets established with top of the line plant and machinery with production capacity of over 2000 metric tons/year

What Got changed?

  • Plant and Machinery: from stone mills to impact pulverisers, from manual hand shifting methods to automatic Sievers.
  • Range of Business: From just henna to 50+ Herbs and hair colours too.
  • Area of Business: From Just to Rajasthan to India to whole world.
  • Organic Variants: From just conventional products to Certified sustainably grown herbs and botanicals.

What didn’t get change?

• Procurement practice: Each leaf of henna is still checked manually by hand at the time of purchase to provide you with the best possible quality.