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INCI Name: Senna/Cassia Obavata
CAS Number: 97593-53-8
Grade: Cosmetic grade
Part Used: Leaves/Pods/Flower/Stem
Appearance: Green color
Origin: India
Test Method: Commgrade/L3-GGN-Fod-Ah
Organic / Conventional: Both
Organic Status USDA NPOP, NOP & EU
Allergen / Non-Allergen- Non-Allergen
General Information:
General Information: –
Common Name: Neutral Henna/Tanners Cassia / Acutes cassia
Senna Obavata is a legumeinous tree in the subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is commonly known by its local names matura tea tree, ranawara or avaram senna. It is the State flower of Telangana. Range: Tropical Africa, through Arabia, Iraq, Iran to the Indian subcontinent
Uses & Benefits
The flower, leaves, stem, root, and unripe fruit are used for treatment, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. People use Cassia Obavata for diabetes, eye infections (conjunctivitis), joint and muscle pain (rheumatism), constipation, jaundice, liver disease, and urinary tract disorders.The plant has a long tradition of use in local medicine, with the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and bark all being utilized. Modern research has demonstrated the presence of various medically active compounds in the plant. Saponin and the cardiac glycoside sennapicrin are reported from the roots. The bark, flowers, and seeds contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, suspected of hepatotoxic properties. However, in experiments, leaf extracts have been shown to alleviate the effects of liver injury caused by alcohol. Extracts of dried flowers have shown significant hypoglycemic effect, supporting the traditional use of the plant as a treatment for diabetes. The roots and bark are astringent and are used for gargles, as an alternative, and to cure skin diseases, eye troubles and rheumatism. A decoction of the flowers and the seeds is recommended for diabetes. The seeds are used to cure eye diseases, gonorrhea and gout. The leaves and fruits serve as an anthelmintic and diuretic. In Tanzania the plant is used to treat impotence, which may be related to diabetes.
  • Cassia is mainly used for coloring light and Blonde hair.
  • Cassia is used as a Hair Conditioner and Hair Toner.
  • Cassia adds shine and bounce to hair. It helps eliminate Dandruff.
  • Cassia is a natural remedy for treating lice.
  • Cassia powder helps remove fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp.
  • This powder helps make the hair healthier and more vibrant, adding a lustrous bounce.
  1. It is used for hair conditioning.
Cleaned Cassia Leaves
Cassia Powder
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