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INCI Name:  Matricaria recutita
CAS Number: 8015-92-7
 Grade: Food Product
 Part Used: Flower
 Appearance: Yellow
Origin: India
Common Name: Chamomile
Everybody remembers the childhood story of Peter Rabbit. After his harrowing experience in the farmer’s garden, Peter is comforted by his mother making him a warm cup of Chamomile tea. The significance of the genus name Matricaria, which is derived from the latin Matrix, meaning Mother or Womb, indicates its use since antiquity for problems of the female reproductive system as well as the calming and soothing affect only a mother can have. Herbalists have used this plant to support digestion.
Digestive Support, Stress Support, Sleep Support, Foundational Support
Chamomile can act gently on many systems in the body due to its ability to modulate a healthy inflammatory response in the body and provide a sense of calm for the nervous system. It can be used for occasional irritation in the digestive system to calm and sooth. It is also beneficial for those with restlessness, irritability and sensitivity.
The many health benefits of Chamomile powder are listed below:
  • The best way to lighten as well as highlight the hair naturally.
  • Promotes healthy hair and strengthens hair roots and follicles.
  • The powder mixed in henna mix with tea gives a wonderful pack for the hair.
  • It improves the volume of the hair, conditions hair and gives it a shiny look.
  • It can be used as a body paste to tighten skin and add a youthful look by revitalizing skin cells.
  • It helps soothe an upset stomach and takes care of digestive issues.
Chamomile Flower
Chamomile Powder
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